Hershey Symphony Musicians

The Hershey Symphony Orchestra is made up of volunteer musicians giving of their time and talent for the love of creating quality music together. Some of our members have been with us for decades, while others are playing with us for their very first season. We honor each of them and give them our heartfelt thanks. Each musician is listed under their primary section; an asterisk following their name indicates that they may play in a different section as needed.

If you would like information about the process of becoming a Hershey Symphony musician, please click here.

Violin I

John Gazsi, Concertmaster
Michele Allen*
Darling-Geneve Bonetbelche
Ashley Butters
Hanel Watkins Eberly
Grace Good*
Morgan Hackett*
Jennifer Harris
Priscilla Howard
Andrew Kurtz
Beth McLean
Sarah Peppe
Mike Sha
Bethany Shirk
Laurie Williamson
Tiffany Young

Violin II

Michal Peterson, Principal
Chris Bradley
Arlene Gibble
Hannah Gorell
Deanna Geiter
Elizabeth Colpo
Erica Jafari
Emily Kiefer
Angela Lansinger
Tessa Lenker
Ann Ouyang
Jaci Verghese
Sarah Wagner


Susan Hoffman, Principal
Kathy Becker
Jineen Boyle
Dolores Dillon
Kim Elicker
Christina Lacey
Kate Lynagh
Jonathan Rehrer*
Phil Smith


Michael Rusli, Principal
Jessica Ciotti
Allison Conrad
Nicole Diffenderfer
Leah Hagenbuch
Ian Hunt
Susan Kenderdine
Scott Kuntz
Shirley Nolt
Geneva Sheffer*
Mara Thompson
Sarah Topping
Jennifer Reese
Todd Rubey
Wade Walburn
Steve Witter


Erik Dalley, Principal
Terry Bone
Ben Byham
Matt Heinz
Evan Hunt
Stock Weinstock*


Lydia Klinger
Jessica Kistler
Kim Ferroni
Brent Fisher


Scott Gilbert
Ann Kirby*


Gary Troxell
Nate Grim
Larry Kilpatrick*


Ruth Barley
Cynthia Reinecker


Al Stokes
Theresa Swenson
Mindy Ross


Gary Hoffman
Ken Smeltz


Bob Sproul
Paul Brettschneider
Bob Warfield


Nate Miscannon


Dave Knott


Kim Badman
Joe Dudeck
Chris Mack
Matt Wolfe


Alison Whipple


Eric Birkness – Bass Guitar
Vincent Checco - Piano